WPTools 7 : What's New (now available for Delphi XE8!)

WPTools 8 is a complete word processing VCL for Delphi 5 up to Delphi and C++Builder. It integrates powerfull editing features such as footnotes, header and footers, tables and DocX import and export.
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WPTools 7 : What's New (now available for Delphi XE8!)

Postby wpsupport » Mon May 06, 2013 3:17 pm

WPTools 7 is now available.

WPTools 7 has been designed to be more accessible than previous version of WPTools. We added several new actions to work with the text. You can easily load and save CSS data. A Style scroller makes it easy to implement a good looking and effective GUI.

The new manual:

Download the demo here:

The upgrade from WPTools 5 or 6 should be very smooth. In most cases you only need to add a few units to the uses clause (WPRTEPlatform, WPRTEEdit, WPRTEDefsConsts) .

1) Many new standard action classes - they already have been set up in the new unit WPDefAction7. All actions have been named with preceding category to make it easier to locate them.

2) Method to copy and paste or brush current attributes (CopyToClipboardAttr - action: TWPAAttributesBrush)

3) The component TRTFProps makes it easy to share styles between different editors and to create styles at designtime.

4) New Move method (move to hyperlink, table etc)

5) New API and handling for sub paragraphs. This makes it easy to hold the data of multiple records in one scrollable editor.

6) Images can now be embedded in HTML

7) Improved theme support (Delphi XE3). This affects the toolbar, ruler, gutter and editor.

8) New hybrid Find and Replace dialog

9) New style scrolling component - TWPStyleScroller

10) The units of the RTFEngine have been split up to make it easier to extend it.

11) Included glyphs for the standard actions

12) Much enhanced API. Method to create demo text: WPLoremIpsum

13) Carefully Enhanced GUI (Create Table tool, action behaviour, gutter and ruler)

14) enhanced label printing

15) Improvements to TWPTools, Design and runtime customization

16) Improved support for CSS

17) New table tools

18) You can set a minimum and maximum count of pages. (PageMinCount, PageMaxCount)

19) New Find&Replace dialog with more features.

20) function WPToolsRTFToANSI now can convert unicode characters encoded with RTF \u keyword


21) Images are now printed on screen using GDI+ which greatly improves the display quality due to advanced anti alias.
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Postby wpsupport » Sat May 18, 2013 12:34 pm

WPTools 7.01 is available now.

It introduces a new color dropdown which can be used by the TWPToolbar and/or launched by your own code.

The new release solves the problem with printing of images and paragraph backgrounds which appeared with Delphi XE3.

Also new: function ConvertTablesToText will convert all tables to text.

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Postby Flow » Thu May 23, 2013 8:22 am


I have tryed to install it but there is some problems.
Install part for DXE3 doesn't work, there is juste the .dpk in the folder.
I tried to build it with DXE4 and it seems some $DEFINE constant and Unit Scope Names are not good.


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Postby wpsupport » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:26 am

There is a new build available for registered customers:

17.7.2013 - WPTools 7.02'
- WPTools Premium: Fix the problem that text boxes which were placed in header and footer were not displayed and the frame was drawn at wrong position

12.7.2013 - WPTools 7.02
- images were not saved correctly when InsertGraphicDialog was used
+ the setup now installs the PNG images for the toolbar gylphs (full version only)
- fix problem when loading sections from RTF
- changed the resource string to remove the under scores.
String_meDefaultUnitINCHorCM --> wpSTmeDefaultUnitINCHorCM
- OPEN und NEW action will now set the modified flag in case they are used with the
data sensitive TDBWPRichText
* when copying a row which used span styles it was notz possible to insert it agaian
without creating a nested table.

4.6.2013 - WPTools 7.01"
- fix in GetXYPositionAtRTFTW to sometimes report 0 for position 1 in line of length 1
- some methodes in TWPRTFDataCollection had been marked protected instead of public
- change in WPIOWriteRTF to ignore colors with illegal index values
- some small changes to improve compatibility with C++Builder
- fix in CSS reader to improve "margin" propery

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Postby wpsupport » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:50 am

27.7.2013 - WPTools 7.03
+ improvement to image compression code. Create event OnPrepareImageforSaving to use:
if TextObject.IsImage then TextObject.ObjRef.Compress;
+ toolbar style icons are disabled when editr is switched to readonly
+ SpellAsYouGo icon is initialized to current state
- missing DelayedReformat in method ReplaceTextMethod
- some units were missing from the demo for Delphi 7 and 2010
* some improvements to editor

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Postby wpsupport » Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:26 am

26.8.2013 - WPTools 7.04
* The wptools caret will blink in default system frequency. Add compiler define NODEFAULTBLINK to WPINC.INC if you need the old non-blink behaviour
+ wpAlwaysLockTextHeight in EditOpionEx2 to lock all textbox heights (premium)
+ OnTextObjGetTextEx will now also work for fields when ShowMergefiledNames = true
- fix in XA_FInsPageExecute in default actions
+ Clear of the completed body text (SelectAll, ClearSelection) also resets the paragraph style and attributes (like MSWord)
This can now be disabled using the EditOpionEx2 flag wpClearSelectionDontRemoveParAttr
* clearing the complete text of a textbox preserves the attributes and style of first par
- save printed file caused underlying editor to be wrongly repainted
* minor changes to TWPImageList to detect programmer errors
- DecSize allowed font sizes as small as 0, this has been changed to 1
- fix problem with moving of textboxes with anchors being in table cells

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Postby wpsupport » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:04 am

30.8.2013 - WPTools 7.04''
* the "heal table" produced an exception
* autoscrolling did not always update the screen (depending on theme)
+ EditOptionsEx2: wpNoMiddleMouseBtnScroll to disable scrolling after pressing the middle mouse
- DecSize did not work correctly when text had no attribute (used feault size)
* (internal change) formatter now implemented as class instead of procedure
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Postby wpsupport » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:00 am

A new full version is online now. It includes Delphi XE5 support.
(Demo will be posted later)

17.11.2013 - WPTools 7.07.1
+ usually otline numbering works on a complete section. With FormatOptionsEx2 wpfRestartOutlineNumbersAfterRegularText it
will now be restarted after text which was not numbered. (Compatibility to HTML browser)
* HTML writer will not write margins in <li> elements due to compile symbol NOMARGINS_IN_LIST
- HTML reader created wrong paragraph nesting with some HTML files
- WPPremium: Footnotes were moved in X direction
+ WPPremium: added function InputTextbox to simplify Textbox creation
- WPPreviewDlg property ZoomMode was ignored
- RTF reader added the name "HYPERLINK" to hyperlink start objects
- if a moveable image does not fit on the page a new paragraph will be created
- when colored text was selected the first non selected character will be painted in paragraph color

1.11.2013 - WPTools 7.07'
- when exporting images to PDF they anti alias was applied. That has been changed.
* improvement to HTML reader

17.10.2013 - WPTools 7.07
* The Inc/Dec Indent actions will now, if applied to outline paragraphs, only change their numbering level and not the indent (like MS Word)
Add compiler symbol INDENT_FOR_NUMS to WPINC.INC to get back the old behaviour
+ new event AfterExecuteAction is triggered after a toolbar button click or action was processed.
- WPT writer sometimes saved incorrect numbering style when only parts of an outline was used.
- fix problem with background of repeated header cells
- 2 fixes in CSS reader
- fixes one lost TBitmap in WPRTEPaint
- improvement to HTML reader
- hyphenation marker caused sometimes a space to appear
+ added support for Delphi XE5
- the property editor "Change Pagesize" did not show the current size but the default.
* at 100% zoom unscaled images are no longer interpolated when painted with GDI+ to avoid blurring
+ added chapter "Database, TDBWPRichText" to PDF manual

27.9.2013 - WPTools 7.06
- improvement to lists loading and saving in HTML mode
* TParagraph.IsLastPar now checks parent paragraphs as well.
+ ButtonDistance property in TWPToolbar
+ WPToolbarConfigurate now uses as initial button selection the old style "Sel_..." properties
if no ConfigString was specified. (BTW - ConfigString =";" shows an empty toolbar)
+ WPToolbarConfigurate can now add separators after selected elements. The width of the separator
is controlled by property WidthBetweenGroups

20.9.2013 - WPTools 7.05
- page area was painted incorrectly when layout mode was Normal in ruler
- zoom menu of default actions did not work
+ ClearSelection can now delete texts which use multiple, differently structured tables

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Postby wpsupport » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:34 pm

3.12.2013 - WPTools 7.08
+ EditOptionsEx2 wpOnlySelectInSameCell allows only selection inside same cell or whole table
+ added PrintParameter.PrintHeaderFooter settings: wprOnlyOnOddPages, wprOnlyOnEvenPages
+ TParagraph.CreateCopyList has new mode flag: wpParCopyStyles
* improved selection code for cell selection.
Works better when merged cells are used.

- when deleting a column the next column was not always resized correctly.
- Undo for DeleteColumn did not preserve style
- in WPTools Premium Edition Report templates were displayed incorrectly

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Postby wpsupport » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:29 pm

13.12.2013 - WPTools 7.08.01'
- wpOnlySelectInSameCell Code broke the use with "TCustomRTFEdit.CreateDynamic"

10.12.2013 - WPTools 7.08.01
+ use format string "RTF-ParAsNewLine" to let the RTF reader convert \par to \line. This is useful when using TParagraph.LoadFromFile.
- in seldom cases Reformat was not called after deleting a selection which caused an AV in the paint procedure
- When WPBRD_DRAW_Finish was used, the top padding was even applied when the previous cell was also bordered.

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Postby wpsupport » Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:50 am

19.12.2013: The WPTools VCL Demo Setups have been also updated.

The Demos for D7-XE were missing DECU files, this has been fixed.

You find the demops here: http://www.wpcubed.com//download.htm

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Postby wpsupport » Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:19 pm

17.1.2014 - WPTools 7.09
* improve compatibility with Delphi XE5
- fix problem with fonsize combo in TWPToolbar when property ButtonHeight is 0
- when GPP support was active BMPOs were not saved to RTF
- if ViewOptions wpCenterPaintPages was used, the horizontal scrollbar was always visible
- assigning a style did not reset the numberstyle of a paragraph or style

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Postby wpsupport » Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:01 pm

13.3.2014 - WPTools 7.10
- DeleteTrailingSpace ignored the EmptyFieldsToo parameter. (was always expected to be true)
- fixed 3 possible issues with compatibility to 64 bit
* added some code to RTF reader to recover after inserted (garbage) RTF header codes
- certain paragraph attributes were not read correctly from RTF after a table
- Lines between cells were missing under certain circumstances
- hyphenated words were sometimes printed with character overlap
- fix problem in TWPToolbar and zoom combobox

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Postby wpsupport » Tue May 06, 2014 1:18 pm

5.5.2014 - WPTools 7.12
- WPT reader had problem with TH tag
+ This utility function replaces the font of characters which are not defined in the fontfile
selected for the character:
function FixFontsOfText( RelacementFonts : array of String; Charset : Integer = 0 ) : Integer;
+ added support for Delphi XE6

4.4.2014 - WPTools 7.11'
- Ignore empty formula fields in WPTblCalc unit
- fix problem with footnotes and margin mirror
* HTML writer will not save span and font tags around <a> tags anymore
+ ViewOptions: wpShowParNames - this will paint the name on the left side of a paragraph
(flag was there since wptools 4 but not used in V5 and V6)

25.3.2014 - WPTools 7.10'
+ FormatOptionesEx2: wpfIgnorePropertyNumberStart
* optimized JPEG export to PD

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Postby wpsupport » Thu May 22, 2014 11:01 am

21.5.2014 - WPTools 7.13
+ It is possible to select a column by moving cursor to top line of table and click (+ new mouse cursor)
+ select row by click on left side of table (+ new mouse cursor)
+ TextCursor.SelectThisRow and TextCursor.SelectThisColumn now accept optional cell parameter
+ new GetLineFromXY with added var parameters to react on click on table lines.
+ the old V4 function TWPCustomRichText.FastAddTable has new optional parameter ReplaceCurrentPar to create or work (extend)
with a table at current position.
+ StartNewSection can optionally allow Undo Opertion. (= Default for InputSection )
+ TWPOCustomImage.CompressEx can now resample images.
- headerfooter dialog does not disable the section button
- InputSection has an new optional property InputSectionMode
- updated TManageHeaderFooter
- fixed: par.IsEmpty
- fix problem with red section marker after Undo
- in case BrushStart is used with flag wpBrushParProp and text is selected, the paragraph properties
(and tabs) will be red from the start of the selection, not the active paragraph
- TWPOCustomImage.COntentsWidth and -height now uses stored DPI values for GDI+ managed images, i.e. PNG
* updated code for border selection
* updated RTF reader to ignore wrong codepage setting

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