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Export PDF to PNG

Postby andi_s » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:46 pm

Hello i just wrote my script to export PDF to PNG it works fine, but only if i have a TForm, - i would like to export it in a Service Application

My probem is that if i exprt it with

Code: Select all

    View    : TWPViewPDF;
    p       : integer;
    View    := TWPViewPDF.Create(self);
    View.Parent  := self;

    for p:=1 to View.PageCount do begin
        View.WritePNG('c:\test'+IntToStr(p)+'.png', p, 72, wp256Color);


- i have to set the parent that it works.

If i export it with

Code: Select all

        , nil
        , '----'
        , '----'
        , 0
        , 'c:t\test_%d.png'
        , 1
        , 99
        , 72);

i get an access violation

What i do wrong?

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